Introducing the
Payoff Strategy

So what exactly is the APS?

Check out this quick video to find out!

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Would you rather
Pay Your Lender
or Pay Yourself?

How does the APS work?

In addition to the the knowledge that your house will be paid in full in what is often half the time of a typical 15 or 30 year mortgage, our clients continually enjoy the maximum tax benefits (Please consult your tax and legal advisor as we do not offer any tax or legal advice.) and minimal long-term life insurance costs all while having adequate insurance coverage to ensure their family will receive a deed free and clear in the event of one of a breadwinners death.

A Typical 30-Year Mortgage Schedule!

First let’s take look a typical 30-year $150,000 mortgage with a 6% interest rate.

Your APS Schedule!

Now let’s see what the cash balance for a typical APS schedule looks like for a hypothetical client.

Now let’s combine the two!

Utilizing this strategy, you can see that on the 19 year you can successfully use cash-balance to pay off your mortgage IN FULL!

Once your
mortgage is paid